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1 Privacy Statement
1.1 General

To protect your privacy, we endeavor to comply at all times with current French and European legislation on the protection of privacy. With this Privacy Statement, we, SCEA LAS JUMP – Allée des Palanques – 33127 SAINT JEAN D'ILLAC – FRANCE (“LAS JUMP”) wish to inform you about how we collect and process personal data. This Privacy Statement applies, among other things, to our (i) website (the “website”), (ii) potential mobile application (the “app”) and (iii) platform (the “platform”). By creating an account on the website, you accept our Privacy Statement. Please read this Privacy Statement in conjunction with LAS JUMP’s Cookie Policy (see below).

1.2 Type of personal data and method of collection
Below is an overview of the personal data that we process :

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Telephone number (fixed/mobile)
  • VAT number (for quotations)
  • Username
  • Communication with LAS JUMP

We collect your personal data when you use the LAS JUMP website and services via the platform and/or the app. In addition, we process information such as (i) which parts of the website, app and platform you visit, (ii) which browsers you use, and (iii) your IP address. This data enables us to compile statistics about the use of our services. We may also obtain personal data via third parties (e.g. commercial partners) or via third party posts or chatbox messages on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

1.3 Use of persona data
LAS JUMP uses your personal data (i) to provide you with products and/or services (via app, website and platform) (ii) to contact you for customer management purposes, (iii) to keep you up to date with our products and activities, (iv) for marketing and statistical purposes and (iv) for content analysis purposes with a view to improving our product and service offering. If you choose not to share certain data with us, we may not be able to deliver the products and/or services you requested and therefore be unable to fulfil the proposed agreement with you.

1.4 Disclosure of personal data to third parties
LAS JUMP will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless (i) we have your consent, or (ii) this is strictly necessary to provide or optimize our services (such as, for example, maintenance works, processing of payments, database management).
We endeavor to work with third parties that maintain a level of security and confidentiality of your personal data that is consistent with the provisions of our Privacy Statement.
In addition, LAS JUMP may have to disclose your personal data to competent authorities when required to do so under law or by judicial procedure, or to safeguard and protect LAS JUMP’s rights and interests.

1.5 Storage of personal data
Personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed and for compliance with our legal obligations.
During processing, your personal data may be stored in the following locations :

  • Website builder
  • CRM system
  • Mailing systems
  • Chat platform
  • Mailbox system

The IT and cloud infrastructure used by LAS JUMP for the storage of your personal data is located within the EU.

1.6 Your privacy rights
In accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, you have the right at any time to request access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data, to object to, or restrict, the purposes for which your personal data is processed on certain grounds.
You may also, at any time, request an (electronic) copy of your data and ask us to transfer your data to another controller. If we have asked for your consent to use your data for a particular purpose, you may withdraw that consent at any time.
If you wish to exercise any of these rights or have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can contact us via or at the abovementioned postal address. You may be required to provide proof of identity in that case.
Any complaints about this Privacy Statement may also be submitted to the Privacy Commission.

1.7 Measures to protect personal data
LAS JUMP takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data from misuse, loss, unauthorized access and other unwanted processing. Although these measures conform to the applicable security standards, LAS JUMP can never guarantee a perfect level of security, for example, when transmitting data over the internet. Moreover, as a user you are yourself responsible for the security of your data: ensure adequate security of your own IT infrastructure and never disclose data relating e.g. to your (demo) account to third parties.

1.8 Third party websites
LAS JUMP's website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. Please be aware that LAS JUMP is not responsible for the privacy policy or practices of those third party websites.

1.9 Privacy Statement Update
To ensure you have the latest version of this Privacy Statement, we encourage you to check this page at regular intervals.
This page was last modified on December 13rd, 2018

2 Cookie Policy

What are cookies and how do they work ?
LAS JUMP uses cookies or similar techniques, which enable us to collect technical information about your visit to, and use of, our website. We do this to improve the management of our website and to optimize the services we provide to you and to enhance your user experience when you revisit the website. Cookies are small text files stored on the hard drive of your device to allow us to identify your device when you use the website (e.g. login data, language settings, etc.). You may block and/or disable the use of cookies through your internet browser settings (see below).
However, you may then not be able to use certain functions of our website.

2.1 What types of cookies do we use ?
LAS JUMP uses the following cookies for the website/platform :
Strictly necessary cookies : these cookies are required for the proper functioning of the website/platform.

  • Functional cookies: these cookies are used to save your preferences and to enhance the functionality of the website and the platform.
  • Performance analysis cookies: these cookies are used to enhance the performance of the website and the platform. They are essential for a better user experience. LAS JUMP uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics that helps us analyze the use of cookies. This allows us to gain a better insight into the behavior of our users, which is essential for the functioning and the improvement of the website/platform.
  • Third party cookies : LAS JUMP uses social media to communicate with the public. Channels we use include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These channels may also use cookies. The use of certain of those cookies may require your consent. However, LAS JUMP has no control over these cookies. For further information about cookies, please read the cookie policy of the relevant media.

2.2 How to disable cookies
You can reject or manage the installation of cookies through your browser settings.
You can also, at any time, remove previously installed cookies from your computer or mobile device. The way to disable cookies on the most commonly used browsers can be found at the following website.
Details on each browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) can also be found on the cookie policy pages of the browser websites.

2.3 Cookie Policy Update
To ensure you have the latest version of this Cookie Policy, we encourage you to check this page at regular intervals.